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Lead Times

How long will it take to get a custom made hybrid holster?

Currently, please expect the lead time will be between 3 to 5 weeks for completion of your holster depending on model and color choice.

We will try to keep your wait time to an absolute minimum, but we have been experiencing manufacturing and supply delays outside of our control.

We are currently working with suppliers to do everything we can to increase capacity and decrease lead times for all orders. We appreciate your patience with our lead time as we do everything we can to support local manufacturing and US suppliers.

Your patience will be rewarded with the best, most comfortable holster on the market! We painstakingly handcraft each holster to your specification and do cannot keep stock due to the wide number of customization options we make available.

As a general rule, right hand draw holsters in black or carbon fiber, or sky blue carbon will ship the fastest.

Custom colors, left hand draw models and infused patterns can contribute to additional time for order completion. For question about your specific model, please call.

Please call or email us for availability and an exact lead time on your particular model. 

How long will it take to get a custom made leather gun belt?

Currently belts  are averaging about 2-4 weeks for production. Each is hand cut, stained and sewn here in America, by the finest craftsmen in the world.

Please feel free to call to inquire about a rush shipment, or with any questions. We greatly appreciate your business! When you invest in an Ultimate Holster, you support US Artisans and US manufacturing!